Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Wreak of American

The other day I was out running as usual. Frozen hands and face included. I am not really sure if there is a German etiquette on snot rockets while running but if I don't launch the rockets they turn into horrifying snotsickles that freeze to your nose hairs and stab you in the nostril. You don't want ice on the wings right? I also find myself wanting to spit more with the cold so I really hope I am not offending anyone. I usually wait until I am deep into the woods before I turn into snot launching mucous producing machine but sometimes I forget where I am.
Anyways, I was about half way through an 8 mile run making a circle around the animal park.

I was right here to be exact. ( the weather obviously being different since I took these in the fall ).  During the week I usually see groups of children admiring the pigs and the buffalo, and the older folks walking around with their walking poles. ( Which are the same as ski poles ).

I continued to run on down the path and I passed an older gentlemen who had stopped to admire the buffalo. As I passed he smiled at me and said Morgen! He was so cheerful I couldn't help but try and return the greeting. But with the cold, my social retardedness, and lack of German all I could get out was. "Orgen" followed by a smile. Wow, what the hell did I just say? I brushed it off and turned the corner to the loop. I was at the half way point of the loop when I saw the old man again walking towards me. This time as I passed him he smiled at me and said "hi!" and let out a chuckle. I let out a laugh and a nod, still thinking I could get away with passing as German if I just didn't speak, but It was already too late. My cover was blown.

So now I have a new goal. Be able to properly greet someone in German without making a fool of myself.

Wish me luck.


  1. Oh, it's all about practice... and isn't it nice that you just have to say "Morgen" instead of "Guten Morgen".... totally fine. Actually makes you sound more like a German LOL

  2. I find it really annoying when Europeans laugh at Americans trying to speak their language; I wouldn't make fun of them if they were butchering my language in their accent, which they do. Incidentally, the only German word I can carry off convincingly is "Tschuss" with that weird, wavering inflection.
    I will also try to refrain from teasing them about their "nordic walking" poles.

  3. Ya, das ist der shyness talken. Don't worry about it, just say morgen with a smile and a wave and keep going. They don't sweat the small stuff and neither should you. You are a guest there, and they will cut you some slack, and even help you if you ask. :)

  4. "Snot rockets" - thanks for the new word in my vocab. The German word (not very well-known even among the Germans) is "Kutschergru├č" which, literally, means "coachman's salutation". So, in a way, you are already quite profficient in greeting someone in German. :)

  5. Aye dios mios! Que lastima! No puedo acer un booger. Hahaha!

  6. A nod and a smile will do nicely. :-)

    As for the 'snot rockets': I don't even see many men doing it here in Germany so I wouldn't really recommend it. ;-)