Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Things Old People Don't Get

1. Younger- Obvious
2. Facebook Changes- Want to freak out an older person? Just wait for Facebook to switch things up a bit and watch them go crazy.
3. Hulu - "Darnit I missed my show"
"You can just watch it on Hulu later."
"Oh, on our TV?" "No, on the computer."
"Oh, whats Hulu? How do I do that?" - They will never actually try it because it involves too many steps.
4. Autocorrect- "Thats not what I want to say!" ( Insert explicit language here ).
5. DVR/On Demand "I had to choose between watching Dancing with stars or Hells Kitchen"
"You know you can record one right?"
"Oh, I can? I didn't think of that"
"Yea..that is why you are paying the big bucks for that cable package..."
On Demand - "So its like renting a movie?"
"But it costs money."
"The new ones..yes. Think: Blockbuster in your home."

6. Self Check-Out - Self Check-out should have an age limit of 40 and under. Not only do older people not get how to use it, but they will pull up with a FULL shopping cart. By the time they finish checking-out, you will be over age 40 and strongly encouraged to move to a regular check-out lane.

7. Twitter- Unlike e-mails, Tweets do have an expiration date. You cannot respond to a tweet a week later and expect the person to know what in the world you are talking about.

@suchandsuch"Had the best Pizza for lunch."

One week later:

@suchandsuch "YUMMO!"



  1. my grandfather is in his 70s and uses facebook all the time, its crazy. With all the changes facebook makes all the time i dont understand how he figures it out. I can barely figure it out most the time.

  2. Lol, hmmm I see myself there sometimes.

  3. You are hilarious. I love you sister.