Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Running for Resolutions

Resolutions, resolutions...that subject is all the rage these days. Probably because the year 2010 is almost over. Which makes me a little nervous because not only am I usually a complete failure at any sort of resolution but the year is changing to and odd number. 2011 is just not as pretty to look at. Number eleven was my number throughout my high school soccer career however so perhaps it will be a good year. So onto those New Years resolutions:

I have a few resolutions, but most importantly I would like to focus on running. I want to make 2011 the year that I run my first marathon. Not only do I want to run my first marathon, but I want to push myself harder. I would like to see what I am capable of by actually following a training plan and not just going out and running when and how far I feel like. Sure I may never be "elite runner status" or be running for the Olympic team, but I want to know what my body's full potential is. I am getting older so I feel now is a good time to really dig deep and give it my all. I have the time, energy, and great places to run. Why not right? Any coaches out there?

So now you know what my New Years resolution is. I have a few others but I think I will save those for future blogs and when I have internet that doesn't log off every 5 minutes, forcing me to type a million words a minute and skip the editing step. Just kidding I never edit my blogs. I am way to lazy for that. You should know that.

For a little update...we might be getting internet today. Cross your fingers.

Happy Thursday


  1. Crossing my fingers on all of the above.

  2. I love that you have interwebs now! woohoo!
    Go get you a marathon, I know you can do it!