Thursday, May 19, 2011

Was It All A Dream?

It's my first day back in California...and it feels like I just woke up from an extremely long dream...

My dream in review...

Starts off with some shrooms

Enchanted forests

Noble steeds

Winter wonderland

Toon town?




Kill rooms...wake up time.

It is good to be back, and I am streaming Hulu, and Pandora simultaneously just because I can. ( These are not available in Germany ). I am also experiencing jet lag at its finest and can't think if my life depended on it. The side affect is pronouncing all my w's with a V sound, and blurred vision. So for now enjoy my trip in review.

Oh California how I missed you.


  1. Welcome back! I hope you'll always have fond memories of your time in Germany ;)

  2. That enchanted forest picture really has that magical feel :) Germany, castles, how fun!