Saturday, November 6, 2010

Guten Tag

There is nothing like a bowl of oatmeal and an early morning showing of You, Me, and Dupree. The joys of AFN TV. I don't mind it much. They do play a good amount of movies at least, even ones I would never think of watching but usually there is nothing else on leaving me no choice but to watch them and in the end I usually enjoy them. Thanks AFN. I am even starting to love their little cheesy AFN commercials. So far they have taught me to report domestic abuse, demand respect, and watch out for identity stealing e-mails. Oh what would I do without AFN commercials?

Throughout this little German journey thus far I have found myself beginning to fear the moment when all of these new sites and surroundings become familiar. I already find myself feeling guilty for not working or being of little use as Eric goes to work at night and I go to sleep. I have heard my share of "typical army wife lifestyles" and fear to ever be put in that category. If you are wondering what the definition of a "typical army wife" is, well there are a few words that are commonly used to describe them such as: Lazy, fat, dramatic, money suckers. I am sure there are words I missed but that about sums it up. Just to clarify this is not my impression or opinion of an army wife. I actually haven't met any other wives yet. This is just how I have heard them described. Pretty sad description right? You can probably see why I don't ever want to be put into the "typical army wife" category..or why I don't typically like being called an army wife. If this is the image that name portrays then that is not what I would like to be called. I have developed a rather large fear of being labeled as this, and honestly I think Army wives deserve more credit and a better name.

Anywho, hope you are all enjoying your Saturday. I miss going to the farmers market with my family and cooking my Saturday dinners. It has been hard to get a food blog up as I have not really cooked anything blog worthy...which depresses me a bit. I have learned a lot in cooking the past few months and really hope to continue to learn and develop more skills. Oh and do me a favor. If you have an awesome mexican restaurant nearby, or a there for me. I miss mexican food SO much. I am as close to Mexican as Mexican gets here...and I am only a half breed... not to mention you would never know it because of my ghost-like complexion.

I think I know what is for dinner. Enchiladas anyone?


  1. Yes, PLEASE! We FINALLY found a decent "Mexican" restaurant that actually tastes semi-mexican and not peruvian wanna-be! I will be frequenting it more often and it's not far from home, YAY!

    Don't allow yourself to fall into the stereotype! Can you get a fun job or something to keep you busy? Maybe even doing some sort of online something or other? Im sure you've thought of this already.

    If you ever need to talk, I feel your joys and pains. I love reading blogs of people who have moved to another country, because I can relate.

    hope you have a fabulous weekend! Force yourself to cook something blogworthy, so you HAVE to update.. You'll be glad you did :)

  2. My mom was just telling me yesterday about how she remembers the AFN commercials and summarized them by saying, "Dont beat your wife, dont beat your children" lol. She said she can still remember the dont beat your children one where its a china doll with a cracked head and a tear rolling down its face.

    I went grocery shopping today and totally got the stuff to make enchiladas. So funny because I hadnt even read this yet. I will eat mexican and think of you. I cant imagine anyone not knowing what mexican food tastes like let alone not eating it on a regular basis. Maybe your calling in Germany is to open a foundation for Germans where they can get real mexican food for near cost or free on fridays or something! I am sure they would never be the same.