Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Smells Like Home

Germany still ceases to amaze me. I love running through the forest everyday, and just enjoying my surroundings.

Yesterday Eric and I went to a natural foods store here in Germany called Alnatura. It is basically the German version of a Trader Joe's I guess you could say. They carry most of their own brand of organics. Although, I think they have more selection and the prices are more on the Whole Foods side. As soon as we stepped foot inside the store I felt a familiar sense of home. It had that natural food store scent which is usually a mix of natural fragrance and fresh baked bread. Thank God, Organic food! A smile instantly struck my face in excitement, and my eyes glazed over at the site of all of the bounty of organic fruits and veggies.  Being as there is no organic produce options at our local commissary (nearly devastating for me )  I stocked up on Organic produce. Yay no more dirty food.

Luckily I have spent enough time grocery shopping  and working in Organic markets that I know what stuff is without being able to read German. I don't buy much processed food anyways so I don't have to try and translate what the heck is in something. Produce was easy to buy of course. They did do it a bit differently however. We had a close call to looking like complete morons but luckily Eric spotted that we were supposed to weigh our fruits and veggies on this little scale thingy, select what type they were, and then it printed out a barcode that you stuck on the bag. Nifty. It is like going through self checkout...before you check out.

I have noticed that when I am off base and in a public place ( like in Alnatura ) I find myself speaking as little as possible in order to not be recognized as an American. Being as I am naturally socially retarded and shy this isn't much of a stretch for me...but it is the little things that I forget. Like when you bump into someone....saying "sorry, or "excuse me" will completely blow your cover. I know I probably have American written all over my forehead already..which is fine, I just don't want the title of "stupid American".  Which knowing no German at all I could easily be labeled as so. Because of this, I am building up motivation to learn as much German as I can while here. I would like to be able to speak common German phrases at least in order to get by, shop on the German economy, and at the farmers market.

Well I better get started on that German.



  1. Guten morgan frauline Haas! I am so glad you found an organic food store and had fun shopping for fresh veggies and fruit. Kudos to Eric for going along with you and enjoying the experience.
    Love you and miss you too but am glad you are having fun exploring Germany!

  2. When I'm in France, I always say "pardon" in a bad French accent to blend in. It works! Italy is "excuse" except there is a weird accent on the E that I have yet to get right. =P