Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hit The Wall?

I feel like I have been neglecting my blog lately...probably not to other bloggers standards but to my previous blogging everyday standards...well just so you know I am not purposely neglecting it. I actually have had a lot of time to blog but the internet has been slower than a constipated puppy. I don't even know if anything I am typing right now is going to publish.

Lets just say that no car, no job, and no internet leads me with nothing left but Running, and watching movie, after movie until Eric wakes up. I can go to the commissary for cooking, but I can only carry so much. Not to mention the baggers here are worse than car salesman. They are like "flies on shit" as my mom would say. They don't get paid and work strictly off of tips so as soon as they see someone with more than one item they rush over to bag it for you and take it to your car. Problem is, I don't have a car but I still feel obligated to pay them for bagging up all two bags worth of stuff. Lame. for a run. I should just see how far I can go before I hit the wall. Mmm maybe not.


  1. How can you run 40-50 miles a week? Doesn't your body retaliate? What about rest?

    I ran 16 Thursday and I was struggling with 8 on Saturday.

  2. They don't get paid? What a system for baggers to just get $$ by tips! I hate that.