Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rainy Days and No Car

The sun is almost up...and the day has decided to kick off with some rain. Rain isn't so bad...I just don't particularly like running in it, and it makes walking to the commissary a little more fact I decided to go a day without paper towels in order to avoid the cold wet misery of walking in the rain. I know, I won't melt but there is just something about walking in the cold wet rain that sends shivers down my spine. I will run in it for over an hour, but walking in it for a half mile is out of the question. Thankfully when Eric woke up he drove down tot he commissary and got my beloved paper towels.

It sucks not being able to drive. ( In case you were wondering why I didn't just drive myself to the store ). I don't have a license here. I plan on getting it eventually but I am still a little boggled by the difference in driving laws here. The autobahn is not as scary as you would think. It does have speed limits just not the whole time. Some sections will have a speed limit of 100km, then sometimes it will let you pick the speed. It is the street driving that is nuts. I will walk, bike, and take the train as much as possible. I think my bike will be most valuable to me as soon as it arrives. I can get everywhere I want by bike but unfortunately it is sitting at a port somewhere in the states waiting to be shipped over here.

Until then...I shall walk.

Out for a rainy run.

Happy Sunday! Oh and here is what's for dinner tonight give it a try :)


  1. Maybe your Christmas present will be your furniture and household things and bikes so that you can ride around. Hopefully snow will not be deep upon the ground at that time. It will be a chilly time to ride!

  2. How awesome to be able to ride your bike around to places and be able to walk. Maybe just get a giant umbrella? Though I love driving, there are times when I wish I could just walk to work, but that would be a 16 mile walk. Hehe

    I love you sister and I love hearing of your adventures and all that you are learning. I'm praying for you and Eric (and Carter!) everyday.
    I miss you.