Saturday, January 15, 2011

Spammer Jammer

There comes a time in life where you have to ask yourself. How in the world do I have 852 spam e-mails? I do have to admit though, they make me laugh. Let's take a look at what kind of spam we are looking at here...

Delete all spam messages now (messages that have been in Spam more than 30 days will be automatically deleted)
DELL Computers
Delivery Notice: Dell XPS Laptop Pending Delivery - Check Status
  12:47 pm
My friend dropped her cell phone in the toilet, look at the! - Hey, check out my new cell phone, I love it: My cell …
  12:25 pm
Hey, check out the photos of my sexy smile - Hey, check out the photos of my sexy smile: Dental …
  12:15 pm
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  12:10 pm
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  11:43 am
Emotional Health From Ev.
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  7:14 am
Get the Walk Off Weight Journal FREE! - Order Walk Off Weight today! Order Walk Off Weight today! Order Walk Off Weight today! Dear Amber …
  1:45 am
Bare Lifts Bra
Lift your chest without surgery - Invisible Support System - Click Here Click on Show Images Above Click on Show Images Above
  12:43 am
Home Warranty 2
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  12:26 am
Official Pasta Boat
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  Jan 14
Check your horoscope - now - If you do not wish to receive messages like this in the future please unsubscribe here or you can …
  Jan 14
Women's Health Magazine

These are only the top 12 of my 800 or so spam mails, but my personal favorite is the one from Helen. It would actually be pretty funny if someone dropped their phone in the toilet and it snapped a photo, but it would also be pretty freaking disgusting and there is no way I would open that e-mail spam or not. I will think about that "lift your chest without surgery" e-mail though. Maybe I should see what my horoscope says.  

What was the weirdest spam mail you have ever received? 


  1. I don't know about you....but I totally would have clicked on the email to see the pictures of the phone dropped in the toilet! THATS ORIGINAL!

    No seriously, who sits around and says...Let's spam..what will people want to click on? I KNOW! Let's send "pictures" of a phone dropped in a toilet!

    *siiiiiiiigh* What is this world coming to?

    What I DO love about gmail is that you really never know you have the spam unless you click on the spam...I HATED yahoo for that reason. I think I have had ONE slip through with gmail.

  2. apparently I MISSED the bottom part of your post. I totally looked past that! Funny that you said the same thing about the toilet! HAHA!

    Ok...weirdest spam mail...Geez. I don't ever read through my spam...but once I got an email at work that claimed someone in my family was hurt. That was a little scary. Too bad for them I always check to see who emails are from....sorry Not this girl, not today!

  3. I have probably had that many Spam emails, but I keep deleting them so they don't take up space. Thankfully they get sorted into a junk mail folder automatically. I do check it periodically to make sure an okay email doesn't get routed there, as they sometimes do. I wondered why I was getting all the mobile wheel chair ones, hopefully I never need one of those!

  4. I always check to see who emails are how do you stop spam from....sorry Not this girl, not today!