Friday, June 1, 2012

Blog Everyday in June BEDJ

If you haven't noticed, or are new to my blog I have been a bit of a blogging rut lately.  ( when I say lately I mean for like the past year ) So what is better for a blogging rut than to make a commitment to blog everyday for a month? Well, it probably doesn't seem like the brightest idea but what can I say, I love to torture myself. I have a serious brain clog at the moment when it comes to blogging so I guess blogging everyday in June is my hopeful bottle of drano. Drano is some powerful stuff so who knows what will spill onto this blog in the next month. I may go uncensored. Watch out. ( I'm really not that exciting but I like to pretend I am ). Happy June everyone! For now check out some other BEDJ participants:



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  1. Amber uncensored ? Oh I like that. June is going to be Awesome !