Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Memory Lane

Auburn CA

There is no doubt in my mind that Auburn is the true place I call home. I spent the majority of my life here and am really glad I got to grow up in such a beautiful place. However, there is still one other place that brings some happy memories to mind. I may have only lived there for the first 6 years of my life but there are special moments from this place that I will always remember.

whittier ca 

This other place is Whittier CA. This is where I was born, and where I spent the first 6 years of my life. I still love visiting here. Mostly because my Grandparents and cousins are still there but also because it brings back memories. So here is a trip down memory lane…

First off whenever I smell Mexican food or beans I automatically think of one place in particular…

marios tacos

This is the only picture I could find of it…but good Lord they have the best bean and cheese burritos. This is usually our first stop whenever we visit. I remember going here many times for our after church lunch with my cousins and grandparents.

  octoThis was the place we would get parts for my mom’s Volkswagen. I remember thinking how cool it was that they had a Volkswagen on the side of the building..but this has brought it to a whole other level.. Did you know that Octomom is also from Whittier? 


This building doesn’t really hold any significance, all I know is that I was afraid of it. I have no idea why but I was completely terrified of this building. We passed it everyday.


This is the movie theater my Mom used to take us to when we were little. I will always remember passing a crazy lady banging her head against the wall on our way to a movie…it is weird what you remember.

 church fountains

I remember passing this fountain every Sunday on the way to church it made me nervous because I knew we were almost there and I was terrified of having to go to Sunday school. We also would pass it after…on the way to wherever we were going for lunch..( usually Marios or Mimi’s ). I remember my cousin and I always wanting to ride with Grandma. I can still smell her perfume mixed with the fuzzy grey upholstery  in her Reliant K.

Well unfortunately this is all I have time for this morning. I will continue my trip down memory lane tomorrow. Stay tuned..


  1. I feel like i just rode shotgun on that trip with you. I miss those days. Also I can't wait till you are here. I'll show you where I've gotten to live for the last 6 years. (Oh and click this. I love you.

  2. Hahaha Colin, you are funny! Good memories for me also. Maybe you should have included the earthquakes. Newport Dunes was the best. :o)

  3. Great trip down memory lane. You will enjoy seeing the places Colin has lived the past six years.