Friday, April 23, 2010


TGIF! It’s Friday everyone! So that means there are two great things happening today. The weekend is fast approaching, and Jaime Oliver’s Food Revolution finale is on tonight, so make sure to watch and sign the petition! Also, just because his show is ending doesn’t mean that you still can’t spend a Friday evening with him…he has a magazine out now. Score.

Okay, enough about that… It is time I finish my trip down memory lane.

So I have mentioned my favorite burrito place…but there is no way I could forget the best pie/cinnamon roll horrible for you restaurant.

Polly's Pies

Oh yes, Polly’s Pies with cinnamon rolls the size of Texas, and fresh strawberry pies to die for. I can still smell the freshly baked pies and pastries that would instantly hit your nostrils and lure you in. One of the most entertaining parts of Polly’s as a child was their self playing piano. They keys would move around by themselves and it looked as if a ghost was playing. It was freakin awesome…unfortunately they have since gotten rid of it. RIP haunted piano.

The rest of my memories are hard to post pictures of and well…I don’t have too much memory of my 6 years of life left to tell about. I do remember getting to go to lunch with grandma every week, vacation Bible school, my aunt taking me and my cousins to get the latest happy meal toy and playing in the nasty ball pit for hours. I also remember my mom picking me up from kindergarten every afternoon in the Volkswagon, with the radio always tuned to the oldies station. To this day the oldies station automatically brings me back to afternoons in the Volkswagon with my mom on the way home from school.


That was a good trip…


  1. I remember picking you up and then going throught the Pollo Loco drive thru for lunch. I still love the Beach Boys listening to them when I was young while going down Beach Blvd. to Huntington Beach in the summer with friends. I miss our walks to Polly's Pies supposedly helping to take some of the calories away. I miss my extended family there. How about the toy store you guys always loved going to in Uptown Whittier where Colin always played with the Brio trains? :o(

  2. What a great trip down memory lane. And did you say "cinnamon rolls the size of Texas"? YUMMY. So bad for you but I bet they melted in your mouth!

  3. @cindy I know! I tried to find information or a picture of that toy store but I couldn't :( That was my absolute most favorie thing to do lol It is strange I never remember actually walking to polly's...

    @Chicken haha I probably still have calories from those cinnamon rolls stored in my body somewhere...but yes they were oh so good.

  4. I remember walking down to Polly's, it was our Saturday breakfast walk or sometimes a walk in the evening for a slice of Ollieberry pie. Yum. Do you also remember going to Michigan park to roll down the hill or play on the swings? Thanks for the memories.