Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Battery is Dying

Literally…my laptop battery is dying, and I am way to lazy to move across the room and plug it in. Oh and the cord doesn’t reach to my cozy laptop prop spot on the bed when it is plugged in so this blog will be short and.. well maybe not sweet but short.

Thursdays are usually my favorite day of the week, I get to go to my class and learn and then come home and cook but today I have some personal training sessions to do after school…which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but my nerves still get racked whenever I have a PT session to plan, especially if they are not my normal clients and it is the first time training them. I know I will be fine when I am there and in the middle of training but the flight or fight response is in high gear all day leading up to it. I wonder when that feeling will go away. Another downside of today is that I have an anatomy test to study for and a spinning and pilates demonstration to plan for tomorrow as well. It’s going to be a long day.

I think I will survive as I usually do, but only if I can run. I think I am going through endorphin withdrawals from taking a rest day yesterday.  Half of me wonder’s if I should take today off too to make sure my hip is okay but I don’t think my mind can handle another day off. Wow I am rambling like crazy. See this is why I run…so none of this stuff spills out onto my blog. Sorry if you are still reading this..wasting away your time in the one and only life you get to live. You will never get these seconds, or minutes back. How could you let me steal them from you?

Stop reading this….


How is everyone else’s Thursday going?


  1. I like your ramblings:)!

    My Thursday has been crazy and I'm ready for it to be over. I'm ready for bed! Haha.

  2. Doesn't bother me....ramble on!