Saturday, March 20, 2010

Everything Seems Better With Sunshine

It’s true, everything seems 100 times better when the sun is shining and for once I am not curled up in a corner somewhere freezing my bum off and I can step outside without 3 layers of clothing on. Now to get rid of my painfully white albino skin…

The sunshine and warm weather is not the only thing making me happy. Yesterday was the last time I will ever have to teach any sort of Aerobic exercise class. I did my final demo of step aerobics and it went unexpectedly smooth. I was going to do my usual act of hide and seek to see how long I could get out of doing it, but I surprised myself and volunteered. Volunteer to take my turn? What? Well, there is a reason to why and how I got myself to volunteer.

There is a lady in our class named Nazarine. We didn’t know it until last week but I guess she is some big time fitness instructor in her home country of Iran. Because of a language barrier and her inability to keep a beat if her life depended on it..we always thought the lights were on but no one was home. ( Although our teacher still talks to her like she is retarded. ) Come to find out she has taught classes as large as 300 people. Way to go Nazarine that is quite impressive…but what is even more impressive is your ability to make me look good.

So back to the reason as to how I got myself to get up and volunteer myself as opposed to being forced up front next week…Reason #1 There was only 5 minutes left in class..which meant I would only have to teach for 5 minutes instead of 8. Reason #2 I got to go after Nazarine which in turn made my performance look nearly flawless. Reason #3 It would just feel good to get it over with.

Before I knew it I was done with my demo and class was over.  To top it off, next week we are moving onto spinning. No more Aerobic exercise demos. I love my life.

Perhaps the best part of the day was getting another letter from Eric. It was the best one yet. I feel like framing it and hanging it on the wall..or locking it up in a safe somewhere so that 20 years from now I can point to it and say “remember when you wrote this!?” I know he is not enjoying bootcamp, and having to be away for so long sucks balls…but I love getting to read his thoughts that I wouldn’t get to otherwise. It makes me feel closer to him even though he is farther away than ever. Bootcamp does have it’s benefits…

Well I better get running. Going to the farmers market today! Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. It was sunny here too! And we also went to the Farmers the question is which one of us is the copy cat?

  2. Chicken- haha Oo well what did you get at the farmers market?

  3. I'm happy you love your life and that you went to the Farmers Market!

  4. Haha I am albino white as well. Sad thing is I stay that way most of the summer as well, against my will.