Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What’s Bugging Me?

There are literally ants crawling out of my keyboard this morning…it is kind of creepy. I am not really sure why they would choose to hide in my computer. I could see why they would like the keyboard to my iMac seeing as there is more food crumbs in it to feed an army…but my laptop is crumb free. Maybe they are trying to type me some sort of secret message… or trying to ask me to please stop using a sealable lid for my cereal.

There is nothing worse than a spoonful of ants in the morning. Maybe I am the only that has made the mistake of getting a little extra protein in my cereal. Ants have a very distinct taste…once you make the mistake of eating them, you will never forget the taste of ant.

What is the grossest thing you have accidently ingested?


  1. Ants are always getting into my cereal. I accidentally eat them pretty often:)

  2. Haven't seen any ants in the pantry, just moths aiming for the moth trap. Just keep your cereal in the pantry and get it when you get your milk in the a.m.

  3. I have the worst bug phobia so this is one of my biggest fears. Ahh!

  4. ew..try cinnamon..apparently ants hate it and one summer we sprinkled it along our doorway and the ants didn't come in.

    my sister once had an earwig in her mouth..it was in her wine...

  5. Maybe they're in your computer? Gross.