Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Love Shoes

I love shoes…the title speaks for itself. I am not talking about the latest Sara Jessica Parker inspired heel…or whatever ( I am so not in the know of what is “In” these days, not that I ever was ) but ask me about athletic shoes, or running shoes and I am your go to girl.

There is nothing more I w0uld rather shop for than running shoes. Unfortunately I have not been able to shop for new running shoes for quite some time now and am running in a pair of shoes with such high mileage on them that they are an injury waiting to happen. Here they are…

old_shoesrunrun2  Apparently I have a peg leg on my left side because I seem to drag my left heel a lot more than my right. It seems I land on mostly on my left heel and push off with my right foot. Not really sure why…

Don’t seem to worn out to you? Well let me give you a better picture..

new shoesThis is what the sole used to look like.  ( Why couldn’t I find them in yellow? )

So I am hoping that as soon as I get money from the military I can get new running shoes. Eric even said I could! So I won’t feel too guilty. So here are the pair I am after…

Aren’t they beautiful? Well they are to me. I can’t wait to slip my feet into a pair of these and run without my legs feeling like they are going to fall off. *Drool*.


  1. I used to have legs that were a little off-kilter too. Probably still do a bit. My chiropractor said it's because I have a C-spine and everything is off a little bit. Kinda weird..
    Nice shoes, very hard-core athletic :D