Thursday, March 25, 2010

Food For Thought

It’s looking like I have a pretty good day ahead of me. Minus the disappearing sunshine and sprinkles of rain. ( Yes, I do in fact melt in the rain ).  I Just have my cooking class at school, and then I get to go to another cooking class with my Mom later tonight. The class is on vegetarian cooking so this makes me extra excited. Onto some more exciting news.. I have decided to turn my other blog into a food blog. I haven’t  really posted much yet and am still brainstorming on the idea but check it out and leave some comments or suggestions if you get a chance.

On another note…with all the media surrounding the infidelity of Tiger Woods, and Jesse James (Sandra Bullocks husband).. I can’t help but mention that not only do I feel incredibly sorry for these Women, but also for the entire male gender. are a few pieces of advice..Don’t cheat on your wives or girlfriends…and don’t cheat on them with 10 different people. I see the reports of these men wanting to save their marriages after repeatedly banging bleach blonde sluts, or tattooed whores and admit that I can’t imagine being able to stay in a marriage if I was in their wives shoes. I don’t know if it takes a strong woman to stay in a marriage after an experience like this, or a strong woman to get out of one.

Either way, I don’t think I could work it out if I found out Eric was sleeping with numerous girls. I couldn’t see myself being able to get past the HUGE trust issue and I don’t believe there is EVER a way to restore trust after something like that. I mean, sure you could try to work it out but things will never be the same. NEVER. I wouldn’t be able to look at my husband the same way, it would be like looking at a different person.

These are just a few random thoughts that were floating through my head this morning.

What do you think? Could your marriage survive an ordeal like Sandra Bullock is going through?


  1. It only proves where some men have their brains. You said, "numerous girls", so if it's just one that makes it easier to handle and move on?
    This is my biggest pet peeve because I grew up with a cheater. Maybe you should make Eric aware of what you just wrote so he would think twice if the situation ever came up. It would take a saint to recover from something like this....besides...think of the germs! Yuck!

  2. Whether it was numerougs girls, guys (hah), or just a single incident... I wouldn't put up with it. It is not something I need to make Eric aware of. He knows that I would not only leave..but I would give him a good kick in the balls first too..

  3. Oh and Tiger Woods's wife got to hit him with his Golf I think it is only fair Sandra get to hit Jesse with a motorcyle.

  4. I'm excited about this new blog! So excited:)