Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Moment of Fame

I got my moment of fame this morning…well I got my e-mail read on the news at 5am so maybe 3 of 5 people watching it might of heard it. Regardless of who heard it or not, it lifted my mood a bit to hear my words read on the air by my favorite morning news crew. Wow I have a favorite morning news crew…that’s just sad. I am 23, going on 75. 

On another note…I got a text at work yesterday from my mother in-law telling me that they got a phone call from Eric on Sunday. What? I wasn’t expecting him to be able to make a call at all for like 3 weeks. I feel kind of selfish saying this but I wish that phone call was to me. I wish I could of heard his voice, but instead I just got a synopsis of his phone call.

His Dad said he sounded pretty homesick and not enjoying himself so much, and that he thinks this is the reason he didn’t call me. Like he didn’t want me to hear him upset in fear that it would upset me or something..but I think I am more upset getting second hand news. I think he underestimates my strength sometimes…and apparently over-estimates his own.

I have been writing Eric letters pretty much everyday, even though I have no address to send them too. I was going to write him one last night but all I could get on paper was “Why didn’t you call me?” I hope I at least get the first letter from him. Sigh.


  1. As much as you may not understand his reasoning, I'm guessing he had you in mind. Life is so short as is. He wants you to be happy and will do whatever he can, even from a distance, to make sure that happens.

    Keep your chin up! I know it's tough, but it'll get easier.

  2. You know that no matter what he is thinking of you and wishing that he was home with you. The distance is always hard, and he is probably trying to be Mr. Tough Guy to support you when you're sad. Cheer up!

    Congrats on your 15 minutes of fame!

  3. I want to know what your fame was about...there's no hint of it. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. I cannot understand them and look how old I am. I pray for Eric every day...and for you too! xoxox

  4. I want to know about this email:) Yay for a few minutes of fame!

    I'm sorry Eric didn't call you but I do think he has a good reason. Like your father in law said, maybe he didn't want you to know how miserable he is.

    I hope you're able to mail those letters soon