Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Five Months to Forever

I  ended up being able to say goodbye to Eric one more time last night before he flies out to Missouri this morning. I went back to the hotel he was staying at after he got done with the medical checks and etc. yesterday. We went to dinner at Chipotle, enjoyed some good food and then said our last goodbyes. It really is such a weird feeling to hug someone, or just physically be in their presence for the last time in 5 months. I’m kind of at loss for words…but I know it’ is not forever, it just seems like it right now.

Have you had to be away from a  loved one for a long time? How did you keep your mind off of it?


  1. Keeping busy...which you are and good for you! Hope your dad and I can make it a little easier for you...we love and support you!

  2. my ex-gf studied abroad in Spain (far away from Ohio, btw) for a semester. we made it by emailing each other everyday and talking about how things would be when she returned. i'd say i made it by not trying too hard NOT to think about her being away.

    although, if we hadn't been able to talk, i'm not sure what i would have done. i don't suppose eating at Chipotle will help.

  3. When I was in Viet Nam, I wrote every day that I could whether we were out in the rice paddies, thejungles or at base camp. I managed to send the letters out on the supply choppers. Mail call is what we all looked forward to, and that will mean a lot to Eric to just make sure he always has something from you that keeps him in touch. We will keep you in hugs while he is away!