Friday, March 5, 2010

Wish Upon a Star

I don’t feel like doing step aerobics today…nor do I feel like “practice” teaching it. I can’t get over how much I hate this Friday class. It wouldn’t be so bad if our teacher actually gave us time to learn things, or just understand that not everyone devotes every second of our days thinking about group exercise classes.

Potentially I could see myself teaching a class, just not in these circumstances. My instructor thinks modern aerobic exercise classes are the best thing ever invented…or that she invented it because apparently she is the best teacher in the universe that refuses to go by any name other than “Star”. Yes..she really does want you to call her that. ( her real name is Judith ).  Come on Judith, not even Richard Simmons is vain enough to want to be called “Star”.

So Star, if you are so good at what you do, why are half of your students sick most of the time? Is there some mysterious strain of swine flue going around that only affects those attending your class? Why do I see people sneaking out the gym door not even half way through your class? Well, there are two reasons for this one.. #1 your class blows, and #2 you are too crazy to notice.


  1. Another teacher that needs to be dumped.

  2. Star sounds a little too much like another type of "stage name". And over here on stage #3 we have STAR dancing to Turn the Beat Around. I bet when she signs it she makes the "A" a little star. Kinda like when girls named Tiffan(i) sign the last "I" with a heart.