Sunday, March 14, 2010

Phone Call

I just got off the phone with Eric. It was kind of weird…It didn’t really sound like him.  His voice was kind of different…until he insisted I try and find out a way to make it to his graduation. Then his voice became more familiar. Only problem is his graduation falls on the same exact day as my final class. ( May 13 ) I tried to explain I would do all that I could but you can’t exactly make up final exams. All I got was “I would really like you to come so just  figure out a way to make that work. Maybe you can talk to your teacher and take it early.” Well first of all teacher’s don’t usually write final exams early…and half of the exam is a practical test so you physically have to be there. It is hard enough to miss one day of class let alone all of finals week… I am stressing out now. I feel like I would be a horrible, horrible, selfish person if I didn’t go..but I don’t want to fail something I have been working towards for such a long time. Originally he thought he would only have one graduation when it was all over, and that would be in the middle toward the end of July which would be no problem…but now ugh.

He did say that he got stuck in really horrible platoon and there is still chances of being restarted…it might be better if that happened because then school would be over when he graduated…that is probably selfish of me to think about.

Is it ever ok to be selfish? What do I do? If I can work something out with my teachers then I will go, but what if I can’t? What do I do? What would you do? He does have another graduation…


  1. Sounds like you have some things to work out. :( Wish I could help you, but I know that whatever you decide he will be OK with. It's love you know :)

  2. It's not a matter of YOU being selfish, it's more like he's being selfish and unreasonable, especially if he was in a "demanding" tone of voice. Is he even thinking of how much $$ it takes to fly there for just ONE day? The second graduation being able to spend much more time is more reasonable and practical. I can't imagine too many others attending if were just for "ONE" day and if it was a great distance. If any were close by, that's a different story. He must learn to be reasonable as he signed on the bottom line to commit and be far away...not you. Respectfully yours....Madre xoxoxo

  3. Basic graduation is a big deal for the Army, they get to march the entire group in formation with bands, reviewing stands, inspections. It was no big deal when I graduated, and since I was in Texas, no one came nor did I expect them to. There was no time in between when I was sent to AIT at Ft Ord, but at least I could hitch home on weekend passes. He will get leave when he finishes his advanced training before he gets orders for an assignment.

  4. I hope you're able to work something out with your teachers. I don't think you're being selfish. As long as you try you're not being selfish. It wouldn't be selfish if you weren't able to make it because of your final. I think you're being pretty understanding and you're going to do what you can.

    I think Eric might need to be a little more understanding as well because finals aren't really something you just "miss" because they can't always be made up. He might be just tired and worn out from bootcamp so over time his mind may change.

    You're not being selfish at all. Especially since you're worrying over this so much. You are just being a good and loving wife.