Friday, March 19, 2010

Getting Back in The Race

I haven’t run a race since last September..which is way too long. But lucky for me the Run Rocklin 12k is coming up which for those of you that don’t know this was the first race I ever participated in ( and took 3rd place in my age group I might add ). 

I have developed a bit of Race fears since the December of 08 when in the middle of a 10k I was struck with the worst side stitch I have ever experienced. I was on track for a PR (personal record) and then BAM. Maybe it was God serving me a piece of humble pie…or I just ate too much pie, I'm not really sure but it hurt like hell and it stopped me in my tracks. I came in a whole 5 minutes slower than my original PR.

I have been experiencing this issue off and on since that day. I am not really sure what it is but I read somewhere that it could have something to do with the ligaments that hold up your liver that can get stretched out and cause it to bounce up and down a little more than it is supposed to causing a cramp. It is a really painful experience but I think I have figured out how to get it to the point where I can keep running if it happens. Painfully..but bearable enough.

The good news is that I haven’t had this side stitch for awhile ( knock on wood ) so I think it is time I get back in the race. So what better race to get back into the game than Run Rocklin?

Besides wanting to get back into road racing, I realize that I live in Auburn. The Endurance Capital of The World ( really it is, just Google it ), and I have never set foot on one of infamous Western States 100mi trails. How can I even call myself a runner? I want more than anything to be part of the Auburn trail runner groupies but I feel like such a newbie…I am so not cool enough. Sure I may run nearly as many miles a week as them but what if I don’t have the “right” equipment to fit in, or know the “lingo” to be part of the click. I just want to run, but I feel like such an outsider.

In the meantime.. I really want to aim for getting a marathon under my belt this year. It’s about freakin time I just do it. I think I will try and do  a few 10k’s to get my confidence back…wish me luck :)


  1. Look at you getting all motivated :) Take a friend with you, if none of your friends run maybe you can take someone from class. Then you two can pair up and treat the rest of the "been there done that" runners like a snob! :)

  2. Woo! I'm really excited for you! I'm hoping to run a race eventually... Someday haha

  3. As long as you pace yourself and hidrate, you should be fine. It's not so much winning the race, but finishing that counts.