Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nun of Your Business

Yesterday was kind of a strange day…not super strange..but I just saw some  interesting people and got asked some interesting questions.

It all started off like a normal day, and quite honestly I have just about had it with my first class ( English 18 ) I took the class for fun because I love to write..but we are doing a lot less writing and a lot more snoozing in class than I would like…the temptation to drop is overwhelming at this point…but that is a whole other blog.

My second class was enjoyable as always and the most enjoyable part is that I got an A on my test. SCORE…and then we made some awesome breakfast food which consisted of breakfast barley, multi-grain pancakes, and a quiche. Yum..oh and the gluten free thing was definitely destroyed by the food we made in class. I am so over it. I am making bread A.S.A.P. I miss it and no one can stop me! Pizza? Ciabatta or Focaccia anyone?

Anyways…I volunteered to make some gluten free cookies for my parents Bible Study group. ( It was their turn to bring dessert and someone has an intolerance to gluten ). So after school I made my way to the grocery store to pick up my ingredients.

Upon entering, the automatic doors slid open in an obedient fashion and the first thing I saw was two nuns picking out out some bananas in the produce section. I was secretly cracking up inside…the only way this could of been better is if someone was there to laugh with me but as you know I am kind of a loser so all I could do was tweet it…definitely not the same. I passed by them curiously, only seeing a real live Nun once before at Trader Joes. I swear one of them was the one from Sister Act.  We exchanged smiles as I walked by. Nuns are so mysterious…the hidden extrovert in me wanted to stop and ask them a million questions..but that would probably be a hard thing to do for the most outgoing people..let alone for a publicly mute person. Maybe next time…or maybe in heaven…or perhaps purgatory according to their beliefs.

After I gathered myself together from such a unique sight I selected all of my needed items and proceeded to the check out stand. I usually go for the self check out but I guess I was just feeling lazy  and got in line. After waiting a bit and regretting not choosing self checkout it was finally my turn. The middle aged checkout clerk asked me the usual. “How are you?” “Find everything ok?” Good and yes I replied.  I few moments of awkward silence went by and then he asked..

“So what are you up to today?”

“not too much…just getting home from class.”

“Ah so what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Wow…seriously? Did he just say that?

“Um.. a personal trainer.”

“Ah, so being a personal trainer and all that means you gotta be pretty ripped yourself. Gotta live by example right? What is your body fat right now?”

Wow…and what? Really? Did he just ask what my body fat percentage was?

“Um yea…i’m not really sure.”

Like I would tell you if I knew.

“Your not sure? Ah well you have a nice day.”

“Thanks…you too.”


That was quite and awkward check out experience. I think I will be choosing self check from now on no matter what.

Anyone have an awkward grocery store experiences?


  1. You are so freaking hilarious. oh my goodness.. haha I love you.

  2. Price check...aisle 3....feminine napkins, super huge. JK lol Couldn't help myself. ;P

  3. The time I threw an entire thing of toilet paper at Mr. Chicken when I thought we were alone in the asile. Only to giggle at myself like a crazy person and turn around to see a grandma with a terrible "you kids these days" look on her face.