Sunday, September 5, 2010

America's Funniest...

I am watching America's Funniest Home Videos right now. It's some good stuff. Laughing at other people's expense never gets old. I still don't understand why the funny videos never win though. Will it be the Laughing baby? Dad getting hit in the nuts by a baseball, or the crazy family pet?

I think the best thing about America's Funniest Home Videos is that it takes me back to my childhood. Not only does it take me back by watching children do foolish things we all did..but I remember watching this show since...well since I was able to remember anything. It all started with...

A.K.A. Danny, Dad or Mr. Tanner. I never understood how he could be Michelle, Stephanie, and D.J.'s Dad while hosting this show where he made lame voices and called himself Bob. What about Wake up San Francisco Mr. Tanner? Where is Becky?

After Bob Saget's time was finally up these two goons game along...

They were better looking than Bob Saget, but just as lame. Their names are John Fugelsang and Daisy Fuentes. The only thing funny about this pair was the dudes last name. Thankfully their time on AFV finally came to an end and we ended up with the current host.

Tom Bergeron...I wouldn't say he is great but I will admit he is the best host the show has had so far. 
I wonder how much longer the show will go on...hits to the crotch never seem to get old, so as long as people keep filming themselves getting hit in the junk I suppose it will keep on going. 

I will leave you with one of my favorite AFV clips.

I love how the dogs foot attempts to be sneaky. 

Who was your favorite host? Or what was your favorite show growing up? 


  1. We had a similar show growing up called "Candid Camera." Can't believe it was also just black & white...oh my!

  2. Well, Im with you.. Bob Saget makes me think of my childhood...but I like Tom Bergeron the most!