Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Seriously Hopeless?

What do you do when you feel like you will never reach a certain goal in life? Or that your goals will never be taken seriously? When I say that I want to be a chef, or that I want to cook, and create food for a living I absolutely mean it. I don't see every dinner cooked as just another meal. No matter what I am cooking I am always deeply concentrated, thinking, experimenting, substituting, creating, and I see it as practice. Practice makes perfect right? Ideally, if culinary school was an option I would %100 percent take that route, but unfortunately it's not. Cooking is a type of art...hence the name Culinary Arts. Food is my medium. Would you tell an artist that they were not a real artist because they didn't attend art school? If you learn the skill, don't you think you would deserve the title?

I am in no way saying that I am even close to Chef status, but if I really am never able to make it to Culinary school and end up learning my skills the old fashion way will anyone ever take me seriously? People don't realize it but there are actually a lot of famous chefs that never attended culinary school. Chefs such as:

Tom Colicchio
Mario Batali

Rick Bayless

Gordon Ramsay

The list goes on..but you get the point. I just hope that maybe my dreams are within reach. Give me hope. It's all I ask.


  1. Put your mind to it and you'll achieve it. Trust me. You will. =)

  2. Never ever give up your dream....no matter how long it takes! I love your analogy of "did every artist go to art school?" No! Take your dad as an example! I pray that Eric will support you totally in your goals/dreams. He may not understand but he needs to be there for you...real teamwork! While you are here I've been doing my utmost to make you feel that support..."I" truly believe in you! xoxox

  3. Amber, you have shown already that when you put your mind to something, you can do it and succeed. The same is true for becoming a Chef. You love cooking, you do it well, you take it seriously and are creative, each of those are necessary for success. No reason why you cannot achieve that goal. I think you are an awesome cook, you have made me a firm believer, and I have taken many taste tests!