Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Don't Be Jealous

I finally dusted off my paintbrush and canvases and decided to paint something...and let me tell you it is a genius work of art. 

Warning: the next photo contains images that may cause extreme envy of my artistic skills.

Yep...don't be jealous. You wish you had these awesome social network paintings hanging in your house too. 

Okay maybe not but I had fun so that is all that counts right? 

My dad doesn't get it, because he paints pretty pictures like this: 

Yea my dad is way cooler than me. I would paint pictures like this too but I don't think God would appreciate me butchering his masterpiece called earth. I think I will stick to creating food recipes.

I would really like the next project I take on to be one in the cooking/youtube realm, but I am overwhelmed at how in the world I would go about it as I can barely take the time to snap a photo of my food before I serve it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 

Happy Wednesday, I am off to watch Master Chef, followed by Top Chef! 


  1. Yes, I may want the SM paintings, but at least I have awesome pillows.

  2. That's awesome! I AM jealous of those social media paintings. :-P

  3. Well thank you for your compliments on my paintings and for explaining the social media symbol paintings. You are way more creative and thinking out of the box than I am. As Colin said, very cool idea.

  4. When did you do this? Never saw you painting. Looks cool! :o)