Sunday, September 19, 2010

Warning: Not For The Squeamish

I was on my way to cooking up some Moong Dal A.K.A these nutritious little buggers...

But lets just say the last picture I took was this...

Yea... so I was slicing up an onion preparing to dice it and noticed the placement of my hand. I thought to myself..."I am so going to chop my finger off someday"...then literally two seconds later BAM. I looked at my finger and instantly knew this would be a bleeder. If anyone needed my DNA well it's in the kitchen. Go for it, there is probably enough for a whole blood panel.

Like the dork I am I was intrigued by the awesome contrast of blood in a white kitchen sink and couldn't resist getting out my SLR and snapping multiple pictures. ( Is that weird? ) I wanted to freak out for about 5 minutes but I knew that dinner must be finished, and back to work I went.

I managed to finish up my Moong Dal with Pulao and Raita. Pulao is a rice dish with peas, sunflower seeds, and raisins. Raita is a yogurt with cucumber and other spices like curry, tumeric, and cinnamon. These are some of the dishes we learned to make in the Indian cooking class I went to last Wednesday. It was a hit at the dinner table but I failed to take a picture of the finished dish. Next time I suppose. I even managed to clean up the crime scene

This was only half of it.  How do you get blood off of your shoe?


  1. Whoa...looks like we might have had some extra protein in our dinner! JK! Sorry this happened to you. Please be extra careful. We get a little too confident and this is what can happen..."I" know! Other than your accident, dinner was great, with great flavors. xoxox

  2. I love how you thought, "this would be a bleeder."

    I'm glad you're okay now and not missing a finger.

  3. This may sound sick, but I like the sink picture. The red and white contrast is awesome lol. I'm sorry that happened to you and am very happy you are okay.