Friday, September 17, 2010

Chai Anyone?

Wow. I almost forgot to blog tonight. Not that anyone would of noticed but my day would have become totally unbalanced and my life would come crumbling down. Okay maybe not but that would suck.

I just got done watching 2 of my favorite shows. Top Chef the finale episode that I recorded due to being at a cooking class and being intrigued by Ayruvedic cooking. The outcome was unexpected that is for sure...

The other more new favorite of mine is called Thinnervention on Bravo with none other than Trainer Jackie Warner. Which I think someone forgot to Warn her ( what? a pun? ) that having awesome abs requires you to never wear a shirt on TV.

So Jackie What exactly is the secret to these fabulous abdominals? Specifically the rectus abdominals?

Is it your magic protein shake?

Hmm nope. Honestly it isn't really a secret. Or if it is..then I know what the secret is. If you are ever looking to look like Jackie Warner you have to be willing to WORK YOUR ASS OFF. I think that should be the Title of her book. It is all about intensity. Book covers and magazine covers can be very deceiving. They say "read me and you will look like this." But the reality your ass off and you might get close to looking like this. You will not get this way with a 30 minute walk 5 days a week, a strict low calorie diet without exercise, or basically any exercise that does not make you feel miserable at least once and awhile. Trainers will not tell you that. Why? Well because they don't want you to get discouraged, and people are not willing to feel uncomfortable, or to feel pain. Who wants to put themselves in pain? Well it won't always be painful and afterwards you feel like a million bucks. The more painful the workout, the better and more accomplished you feel after. It is definitely confidence building to know that you can get through something so tough. But like I said, people usually are not willing to experience any pain or suffering to reach their goals...or imaginary goals. 
Protein shakes will not give you abs, not meat, not tofu, and nope not even vegetables. Only you can give you abs. Of course diet is important but you always have to have both diet and exercise. It won't work with just one. 

Why the hell am I talking about this?

My ex-health blogger has surfaced at a very strange time. Perhaps it is because I started blogging about health when Jackie's original show Workout premiered on Bravo. Oddly enough that show is what inspired me to become a personal trainer. Well here I am now. A personal trainer..who ironically doesn't do any personal training. I find it a bit frustrating truthfully. People expect so much out of you when really the key to their success is in their hands. It is in your hands people! 

Ok I am ranting. I think I drank to much Chai Tea. I have a new love of homemade Chai Tea. It's good stuff.

I'm done typing.

TGIF :) 


  1. I enjoyed today's chai tea more than yesterday's. Very soothing. It would be great on cold winter days. As far as's all in what you want and what you're motivated to do. Not everyone needs abs to think that makes them. To be nutritionally and physically healthy is what most people might try and strive for. Not so much for a sculptured body, especially when you are in AARP age range. Ha!

  2. It IS in my hands, I agree. That's why I'm so out of shape... :P