Monday, September 6, 2010

I Think It's About Time

Throughout all of this Jay Leno/Conan O'brien mess ( yes this was a random thought that I intend on finishing ) I believe it is about time that there is a female Tonight show host. Late night TV is a freaking sausage fest. Oprah is leaving daytime TV so I think it is only appropriate for our evenings to be filled with a little more estrogen. As Oprah would say...we need some Va Jay Jay up in here. 

So, who should be the first female tonight show host? Well, If was to pick I would nominate these very qualified and funny females in no particular order:

Ellen Degeneres

Chelsea Handler

Sara Silverman 

Kathy Griffin

and last but not least...

Tina Fey

Who would you pick to be the first female Tonight Show Host?


  1. I vote for Ellen, her show is already awesome, it would just be a matter of changing times.