Monday, October 4, 2010


For whatever reason, blogger/google is down right now and it is totally bumming me out. I am not going to let it break my year long blog streak. Just in case it doesn't come back up by tonight I am counting this as a blog even though it didn't get posted. It is indeed October 4, 2010.

Anyways, I had a fun day today. I got to go to Chipotle for lunch with my mom. OH chipotle I am going to miss your vegetarian tacos and addictive guacamole. Then we headed over to Sur La Table where I used the rest of my gift card to purchase a rolling case for my knife, and future knives. I love going there. I love drooling over all of the all-clad pots and pans, the never-ending collection of chef's knives, cookbooks, and fancy schmancy blenders and food processors. I love it all.

Perhaps the most adventures part of the day was going to an Indian Market. The place smelled like a mixture of curry and dirty ass cheeks. They had a seemingly never ending supply of rice and lentils which is heaven to a vegetarian but it looked like it had been sitting there since the Y2K scare. Out of pure guilt of being in the store shmoozing we didn't want to leave the empty store equally empty handed. We ended up leaving with a big bag of turmeric and split mung beans. I know what is for dinner tomorrow…and the next day…maybe if I go to Germany smelling like curry I can ward off any terrorist attacks.

That's it for tonight, I am going to watch some Kitchen Nightmares and head to bed.

Happy Monday, hope it was meatless! 


  1. I really enjoyed my day with you too! Like I told you I don't know what I'm going to do when you're gone because no one like cooking stores like me besides you....and I'll be afraid to buy the wrong things. But most of all....I'll miss YOU! :o( xoxoxox

  2. Glad you had a fun day out with Mom and found the knife case. Now you have some of the Chef to be credentials to carry.