Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Routinely Blogging

I know it really hasn't been an eternity since I blogged last, but I am already feeling a bit of blogger guilt. I know that I broke my blog everyday for a year streak, but I am thinking of re-instating that goal for the sake of forcing me to do it. It feels like a part of my routine is missing, and if it isn't part of my routine I don't ever get to doing it..and before I know it my blog will become just another neglected blog in the blogosphere. I might just have to be an everyday blogger.

If at first you don't succeed..try, try, again?

On another note, So far Germany is treating me well. I finally got a phone yesterday ( iphone 4 Woot! ) so I can now tweet, take pictures, tweet pictures..etc. etc. Hopefully I can get going on my food blog again too. The scenery here is beautiful. You don't know fall colors until you see them in Germany.. ( well I guess I am just used to fall in California ). Pictures will follow soon. Hoping to go to the Farmers market today but that depends on if we get all of our stuff moved into our new place. Pictures are coming soon I promise!

Thanks for your patience :)

Happy Thursday!

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