Saturday, October 30, 2010

Exploring Germany One Step At a Time

I look like a creepy forest knome

I ran off base for the first time yesterday. I was starting to go stir crazy running in circles like a hamster on base and finally just decided to conquer my fear of thinking that for some reason the guards wouldn't let me back in the base. I am glad I did because I discovered a whole new world. 

When I was running on base near the gate the other day, I noticed an army unit running back to base from off of a path outside the fence. I needed to find out where this path went. I managed to build up enough courage and take my first steps alone off of base grounds. Right foot, Left foot. Ah, freedom. Out of the gates and past the guards I went. I found the path that I was looking for and started my journey of discovery. At first my journey started out like this:

Pretty, but I had no idea what else I would discover. I made a right hand turn at the end of this road and ran along side this:

and this...

To my surprise, I ran into a trail at the end of the road. I can't resist a trail so I followed it.

I ran down this trail for awhile...making sure not to make any turns so I could find my way home...but my watch has navigation...DUH. So left I went where I found these handsome fellas.

It is kind of hard to see from an iphone but yes, those are Bison grazing. Apparently there is some sort of animal reserve in the middle of the forest. There was also what looked to be some sort of wile boar. (all I know is that it was a hairy pig looking thing ). and etc. 

After stopping to observe these fine creatures I continued on my run.

I found a lake...

Speak German anyone? I have no idea what this says...but I am pretty sure it talks about the different species of animals living in that lake.

The weirdest part of the run is the fact that I ran into what seemed to be some sort of entertainment park in the middle of the Forest. There was awesome playgrounds for kids, oh and Mini Golf...yes. Who doesn't love mini golf in the middle of an awesome forest? Who knows what else there is to be discovered. I ended up heading home due to fatigue but will be back out today and ready to explore some more. Hopefully I don't get eatin by a bear..or some sort of weird Harry Potter like creature.

Here are a few more for your viewing pleasure.

Running heaven? I think so.


  1. Get all your running sight-seeing in now before it's all white. Looks pretty.

  2. That looks GORGEOUS! One of the pictures reminds me so much when I was biking b/w towns in the Germany countryside last summer. Oh, Germany. You had my heart at "Ya." =)

  3. So awesome. Can't wait to see pictures of snow! I love hearing about all your new adventures. Great pictures. I miss seeing the seasons change.

  4. You should always rezervesome of your pictures for blog only viewing! I love reading the story behind i all but we need pictures of the kiddie park!

  5. I love it. So pretty. I can't wait to come visit.