Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Germany Here I Come!

It is really strange not to be blogging everyday. Unfortunately I still don't have a whole lot to talk about...except.. I AM FINALLY LEAVING FOR GERMANY! Yep Friday Oct. 22nd. My flight leaves from Sacramento at 8:20am. From there I fly to Ft. Worth Texas, then it's a straight shot to Germany...only a 9 hour and 25 minute flight. You know it is going to be a long flight when they serve you dinner and breakfast on the same flight. Least there is a movie?

At least the flight will be shorter than the process it took to get my ticket. Good Lord. I think the lady was on crack..or should have been. One week, two trips to the ER and two days later she finally got me my plane tickets. Thank you Jesus.

All I know is that I can't wait to finally see my husband and enjoy life in Europe. If anything else goes wrong or prolongs this process I might scream. ( most likely through twitter ).

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  1. Congrats! That's so exciting! I hope the trip, well, flies by (couldn't resist!) and you land in Germany before you know it! Safe travels