Monday, October 25, 2010

Life in Germany: A New Beginning

So here I am blogging from Germany. I made it safe and sound and am slowly adjusting to the time difference. If you are in the U.S. you are sleeping right now. It is still weird to think about. My morning is my friends and family's evening. My evening is my friend and family's morning. It is like a time warp. Awesome.

Anywho, I apologize if this blog is kind of all over the place. I blame the jet lag. I am still trying to speak coherently and complete whole thought processes. I did however manage to do something that I have not done since probably Junior high. I didn't sleep for 24 hours..except there were no sleep overs or scary movies involved. There was however awesome German sightseeing and buying needed kitchen tools. We have gone to nearly every PX and Commissary around here. Doesn't sound like fun? Well it is to me. So yea this is way better than any elementary sleep over. The product is still the same though. Sleep deprived and feeling a little off.

So what is Germany like? You might be wondering...Or, do I like it? Well so far I haven't gotten a huge taste of what real Germany is like. I have mostly just been on American bases so far. But don't worry I plan on branching out and doing a bit more exploring. Do I like it? It is hard to say as of now but I like the scenery and all the awesome fall colors and architecture.

I am starting to settle in a bit. I went for my first run in Germany today. Only five miles just to make sure I don't push myself into a horrid sickness from the lack of sleep and I think I missed a few meals in my time warp from the States to Germany. I love the first run of a new environment. It makes it really exciting to explore new places and get a better understanding of where in the world I am. Now that I have run around base I know how to get to the Commissary, PX, Subway, and the medical clinic all by myself. Yep, I am a big girl now.

Well I am off for now. I have some things I gotta take care of but there will be pictures coming soon. We move into our new place on the 27th. I will give you all a little tour.

Happy Monday! Make it Meatless!


  1. Can't wait for the pictures! I want to hear how Germany is since we were there years ago. Miss you sweetie! :o)

  2. Hello there; so glad you are happy to be there and enjoying your new surroundings. I know that every day will be a new adventure for awhile. I am looking forward to some pictures, perhaps you can send me something I would enjoy painting. Love you and miss you, give Eric my best.