Saturday, October 2, 2010

Better Day

Today was a better day. I got to see my food getting sampled out at the farmers market, and I am looking forward to going to Germany and finally being able to see my husband. I might freeze though. It is already cold there, and still hot here.

I am kind of at loss for words considering I am distracted by a Saturday night movie called Canvas. I have never seen it before, didn't intend on watching it, but it unwillingly has my attention.

For some reason it brings back memories Sunday night Tv. I miss shows like Walker Texas Ranger and  Touched by An Angel. I used to love those shows. Thanks to my brother graduating from Liberty University in VA I got to to see Chuck Norris himself give the commencement speech. Yea thats right Chuck Norris.

Anyways...I think I am going to end this here. Here is a little preview of what I got at the Farmers market.

I love Chard it's pretty

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  1. So glad you are feeling better. Yeah, Germany gets really cold. Be prepared to bundle up.