Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fresh and Sleezy

It is crazy how much different the culture is around here. Especially the food culture. I was getting to comfortable up in northern CA thinking that the majority of people are aware of eating locally, organically, and nutritiously. The grocery stores really cater to the natural food foodies up north. But down here finding anything organic is like finding a needle in a hay stack. In a way it could be seen as a good thing because it let's you know that stores really do pay attention to what you purchase. So if there is ever an organic movement down here it could be pretty powerful...unfortunately the culture here is not really looking to buy organic or even hear much about it. I think this city needs the power of Jamie Oliver.

Sunday evening after arriving in pico Rivera I had to search for some frozen fruit for my morning bowl of oatmeal. ( if you know me, you know I am super anal about my breakfast. I even brought my own bowl and spoon.) not only was it hard to even find a grocery store but the place we stopped at called Fresh and Easy was a complete joke. Nothing pisses me off more than brands or stores that deceive people into thinking that they are buying something healthy. There is more packaged and highly processed foods in that store than you could possibly dream of. The sad part is that they are a hit down here and people really do believe it is fresh and...easy. Easy? Perhaps. But fresh? No way. They even Make sure to hand out brown plastic bags to give the illusion that they are more natural and eco friendly. For real ya'll there produce is the saddest looking fruit I have ever seen. I hate deceiving stores like this with such a passion that I spent an hour trying to type this with my wee thumbs on my blackberry. I feel so sad for the people here. Where you at Jamie?

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  1. I agree. That's what makes No. Calif. so unique. Loving it more up here than I thought I ever would. :)