Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wow It’s Thursday Already

I made it out of the Dentist’s in one piece.. but barely. The dental hygienist dug the crap out of my gums with some sort of sonic wave torture device. The hygienist assured me that although this device made a high pitched squeal that it was not a drill….mmhmm well it felt like a freakin drill. She was pretty nice at making sure I was okay though. She even let me watch TV so that helped. After she was done she informed me “Normally for what I did to you today I have people come in twice because it is too painful, and I really have to numb up their gums, so you have a high pain tolerance.” Oh ok that explains why it felt like you were carving my teeth into some sort of ice sculpture. She gave me some advil so that I wouldn’t have sore gums later, but I felt more like I needed an orange or a cookie after losing a pint of blood.

The good news though- no cavities!

Now I just have to get through my Dr. app. and class today. It is crazy to think that a week from today will be my last class ( for my cooking class ). Next Friday is officially my last day. Eric is also graduating from basic training that day. I wish I could be there for his graduation but unless I wanted to lose a ton of points by missing a couple wasn’t possible. I feel kind of selfish for not being there. I am looking forward to being able to talk to him on the phone more when he starts AIT. Then only two more months until I get to see him and we move to who knows where! Okay..starting to stress a little..


  1. Now you can smile a whole lot with those shiney clean teeth while you're finishing your finals! Maybe Eric will get stationed in Oregon. Woooo!

  2. Wow I can't believe Eric's already almost done with basic. So exciting! And you're almost done yourself! What's AIT? Is it a tech school?