Monday, May 31, 2010

Meatless Memorial Monday

I’m drinking coffee ya’ll…and liking it. This is good news. Maybe I am on my way to quitting the Go Girl habit. Baby steps, baby steps.

It’s memorial day so it’s time to get out your grills.


No not those grills.

Luxery Grill

These grills…and man I wish I had one like this. Ironically not only is it Memorial Day, but it is Meatless Monday. Today is probably the least likely day that people will want to give Meatless Monday a try. However, if you make your Memorial Day meatless then you my friend, are a rockstar.

Since I am a rockstar and everyone wants to be like me ( note my large amount of sarcasm ) then you will need some awesome meatless Memorial Day recipes.

Did you know that just plain vegetables taste amazing grilled? Take your favorite veggies a little olive oil, salt, and pepper and cook them up on the grill.

And of course if you are still itching for a burger or a hotdog, there is the soy versions you can find at the grocery store. Some brands such as Yves makes some pretty tasty veggie dogs.

You can make your Memorial Day meatless with some simple swaps. Vegetarian baked beans are awesome, I promise you won’t miss the mystery bacon bits.

Well now that you know how to make your Memorial Day Meatless…enjoy your day, don’t drink too much, and be safe.

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  1. If you get rich will you buy me a BBQ like that? Hehe.