Thursday, May 27, 2010

Veggies and Observations

I can't wait to get home. I have an 8 hour drive ahead of me. I can't wait to get back to cooking and blogging on an actual computer. I can't read any blogs on this thing either so I feel like I am totally out of the loop!

This trip has seemed to be full of life lessons. I have learned a lot of things just through observation.

It has also been kind of funny to see how curious people are about what it means to be a vegetarian. After It is announced that I am a vegetarian thd first question that always follows is "do you eat fish?" no my friends vegetarians do not eat fish...or chicken..or ham, or beef, or any other sort of flesh from a living being. Then of course I am completely bombarded with other questions like " well what do you eat" "do you eat fruit? Ice cream? Brownies? Bread?" yes people I eat fruit, bread, and junkfood..but only homemade junkfood, I just don't eat meat.

Anyways...hope everyone has a great Thursday!


  1. I still don't understand why it's such taboo to people. A girl I know just announced to us on girls night that she is reading Skinny Bitch and has decided to cut out meat, and most of dairy (playing with going vegan) and all the girls were shocked like she just announced that she used to be a man.

  2. I want homemade junk food too! :P