Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just Another Day

Nothing exciting to report here. I was weird not going to class yesterday and I am missing it like crazy. The plus side to not having much to do is having a lot of time to cook.

Next week will be a little different though. My Mom and I are planning to go down to Southern CA for the week to visit family. I may still get bored at my grandparents house but at least it is a change of scenery. For whatever reason I also like the running path they have over there. It is a lot different than running through the fields over here where all you see is jack rabbits and hobos. I always have a heightened sense of awareness when running in little Mexico, and know that if I finish without getting mugged then it was a successful day. If I am really lucky I will see my wild parrot friends. Who knew that there would be wild parrots in LA?

I am looking forward to a little road trip. I am starting to go stir crazy. I think I need another hobby.

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