Thursday, May 13, 2010

So Proud

Eric graduated from basic training today. I am so proud of him…and I must say he looks like a stud in his uniform.


There were times I was afraid the Army would change him into some sort of emotionless robot but judging by the tennis shoes left scattered by his bedside I am relieved to see that he is still the same old Eric.

I wish I could of been there, but unfortunately I was too busy taking a final on meat, poultry, and fish. Being as I am a vegetarian it wasn’t exactly my favorite test to study for. The good news is that those peanut butter cookies from the practical final scored us a 99%  a 100% would of been better but I will gladly accept a 99. As Chicken said “Don't ever question how great peanut butter and chocolate is.” she was sure right.

Well, tomorrow is my last day of school. Then I will officially be a community college graduate and a certified personal trainer. I just have to get through jazzercise hell first ugh.


  1. Congratulations to Eric! I could never make it through basic training.

  2. So proud of Eric! But you are right about the shoes in the background...hmmmm. I told you chocolate and peanut butter go hand in hand....yummo! I am also so proud of you! 99% is fantastic! Congrats "certified personal trainer!"


  3. I knew he could make it and would be a good soldier, but I am proud that he has graduated and looks so sharp.

    Hmmm chocolate chip and peanut butter, 99% is great, but I would give you 100% for one of those right now!

  4. Well, well looks like you have quite the handsome man over there. I know you are so proud! I'm so happy that you're official!

  5. Way to go Eric! He looks great:)

    Congratulations to you being certified!