Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Barefoot and...Running

Wow, it is already July 21. Which means Eric will be leaving me again in only one week. Hopefully our time apart will be much shorter this time. As soon as I get clearance to go and receive my military passport I can join him in Germany. The only problem is that passports take 6-8 weeks and it could take a total of 190 days to actually get me to Germany. I am praying this is not the case. *Sigh*

I am trying not to think about it... how do you shut out negative thoughts?

For now I am trying to focus on a lil something more fun like...

Yesterday as I was enjoying a Veggie Burger at Mel's Diner A.K.A a Gardenburger Patty on Mel's "whole wheat bun"Eric asked me how it was. I replied, "Good, I can now get the same burger at Mimi's, Awful Annies, and Mels." - which sounds like a negative thing but if you knew how much I love the Gardenburger brand original patty you would know that this is a dream come true.

Eric- "Burger King too right?"

Me: Nope, Burger King has the Morning Star brand veggie burgers

Eric- I thought it was Gardenburger

Me: Nope, Morningstar. Trust me I know my veggie burgers.

Eric: I could of sworn I saw Gardenburger.

Me: Nope I will bet you $100 dollars that it is Morningstar.

Eric: Okay fine $100 Dollars.

Me: You will actually bet me $100 dollars that I can spend on anything I want?

Eric: Yep.

Me: I just won $100 dollars. Score.

We quickly pulled out our cell phones like we were in an old western draw, hitting the google search app at lightening speed. We both searched Burger King's Veggie Patty's and waited about 10 minutes for  everything to load. When I heard a distinct "CRAP" come from Eric's mouth I knew that I had won. I was happier than a contestant on minute to win it.

SO.. what to do with that $100? Well there is a little something I have always wanted but never wanted to spend nearly a $100 on...take a look at these beauties.

I know what the hell are those right? Well my friends, these are none other than the Vibram Five Finger "barefoot running" shoes. Ugly as sin? Yes. But these "shoes" are not for looks. They are for a more natural style of running.

If you haven't heard anything about it yet there is new research being done regarding running shoes and if they do more harm than good because of the way they make you run. For example: running in regular running shoes you tend to land more on your heels..but before there was ever such things as running shoes we ran barefoot. Do you think you would want to land on your heels while running barefoot? That could be pretty painful. SO barefoot we have more of a forefoot strike, which some people are now saying leads to less injuries because it is how we were "born to run". 

Kind of cool right?

I think so too. So, Eric said I could get a pair of these puppies. I will admit that this brightens my day a bit. Now I just have to hope that they have my size because believe it or not, stores rarely even have these in stock because of their popularity. So wish me luck for a better day and something to keep some negative thoughts at bay.

Happy Wednesday!
What are you looking forward to today?


  1. Maybe I'll bet him something...we could use $100.

  2. Yep, I knew I should have bet who would catch the first fish yesterday, but what do I know. He and his great granpa were laughing at my casting for fish, because I wasn't deep enough, and gee I only caught two to their combined zero..

  3. I've been dying to try those shoes! I must read back on previous posts, because I didn't realize Eric was back home already. See that went fast :) And he now owes you money...sweet!