Thursday, July 22, 2010

Little Help?

It's Thursday...already. I really don't know where the days are going. Well as you may have read yesterday I was hoping to get my hands on..err feet in some Vibram Five Fingers but as I suspected no one had the ones I was looking for and none in my size.  So that leads me with two options.

Option #1 order online and pray I order the right size.

Option #2 Go for this instead...

The Book
this could come in handy in my pathetic attempt to become a self taught chef and have something to study since I won't have school to study for anymore, and to keep my busy while I wait to get to Germany, and something to do while in Germany.

It even has a study guide...

The Study Guide

 So I am kind of teetering on which one will be more useful for me at the moment. What do you think? Can you save me from my indecisiveness?

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