Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bloggin in the P.M.

I have taken myself at gunpoint and forced myself to blog...I know this is not the ideal way to get the creative juices flowing but I have made a commitment to blogging everyday for a year and I am determined to stick to this commitment damnit. Technically I could blog about once a month to get somewhat decent quality blogs but instead I get bouts of acid reflux-like blogs that are so bad they burn my fingertips as I type up words of nonsense.

So.. in other news I got my military passport junk taken care of today. I felt like a 12 year old turning in some sort of long drawn out report that I had put together last minute. Only took me 3 tries but finally they accepted my papers and are sending it off for its 6-8 week clearance process. ( there was a minor picture problem that I am praying won't hold anything up. Cross your fingers, knock on wood, rub your rabbits foot and say a prayer ).

I made a huge mistake yesterday as well. I signed up to receive more info about the University of Phoenix since I am going to be in Germany for 3 years with nothing to do...and because you get spousal benefits I figured I would look into more schooling. Well apparently requesting more information also means "we are going to annoy the hell out of you and call you three times per hour until you pick up your phone". Yea..never give out your phone number to online schools. See they have taught me something already.

Wow, it is strange writing a blog at 3:00pm. Especially with Dr. Oz playing in the background. It is crazy how famous talking about poop, farts, vagina's, penis's, and fat can make someone. It never gets old. We will always fart. and one out of the two of us has a vagina...I could be fat, or you could be...I just drowned a little sorrow in some cookies...so what do you have to say about that Dr. Oz?

In case you haven't noticed I am nearly delusional due to lack of sleep...I think I might go try and do a little more of that.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I need to follow suit with you....go to bed earlier. I just get too lazy to get up and do it....go to bed I'm talking about. Heehee.