Thursday, July 29, 2010


Alright so this blog will be sort of a progress/update blog...

First things first, I found out via Facebook that my husband is now safe and sound in Germany, so this is good news. Kind of weird to only find out through Facebook like everyone else. Wife or not there is no special treatment here. I am going to assume it was his only means of communication. That is what I am telling myself for now at least.

Onto other subjects...

I decided to take my "Gorilla Shoes" for a run yesterday. At first I tried to hide in the fields but I quickly began to feel like a cavewoman and headed out in to society. I got a few strange looks, but I get a few strange looks everyday all in all, no big deal. Here's my feet on the trail...
I love my Gorilla Shoes

I kept waiting for my feet to start hurting, or for some knarly blisters to develop but they never did. So I ran a good 5 miles in these bad boys. My feet felt so light and free. It was quite liberating. I do however, regret not stretching my calves after my now feels like someone hit me in the back of the legs with bat. I am a bit sore to say the least.

Onto other good German baking experience is off to a good start. I am attempting to make my first sourdough starter and so far so good...

Sourdough Starter

As you can see from the line on the side of the container, my starter has nearly doubled already.

Beautifully Bubbly Top View

For those of you that don't know much about sourdough except for that it tastes sour - Sourdough contains no yeast. So how do you get it to rise? Well you have to go through a process to make a starter. What is a starter? Lets just say you are basically making your own yeast by fermenting flour and water over a period of at least 6 or so days. You have to feed it, watch it, love it, treat it like a pet and hope for the best. I am only on the beginning of day 3 so I am about half way there. Pray for no mold. 

Welp I am off for a run have a great Thursday!


  1. I thought I saw you kind of limping when you came in from your run. Hope that goes away.

    I hope that right now Eric is sawing logs. When you have as much jet lag as he has....and he has NEVER experienced it, your mind is not all there. It will take about a good 3-5 days to get back to normal.

  2. interesting, sourdough! i'd like to try that sometime my husband would love it

  3. That's it I want some shoes like that! I would say that I like sourdough but then I would just be lying to you :)