Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Waiting Game

I just got off the phone with Eric. It was nice to finally get to talk to him, and most importantly find out what the heck Germany is really like. ( well I guess I won't fully know until I am there. ) Good news is that  he loves it, and it sounds like I will too. He already found a natural food store for me and a farmer's market downtown that goes on every Saturday where I can get my fruits and veggies. The best part of all is that I won't ever have to drive because there are trains that go everywhere, or if I would rather, I could ride my bike and park it in their bike parking lots. They have parking lots for bikes! (yes only I could get so excited over this ).  sounds like my kind of city. I know there are cities in America that have bike parking lots, but they are few and far in between. I was also informed that they have Monster's-- no, not like RAWR i'm gunna get you monsters, but Monster Energy that will keep me from slipping into a caffeine withdrawal coma.

So the bad news: I officially won't be there for at least another month and a half. AT LEAST. Something to do with paperwork and command sponsorship stuff that my brain can't completely process. All I know is that I have to e-mail the paperwork for my medical screening to FT. Leonard Wood ask for a copy with a green stamp and then they send it to Germany? Something along those lines I don't know...however, I just discovered there is a part on the forms I have to send over that the Dr. forgot to sign. Awesome. I think that month and a half just moved up to two months. *sigh* This does leave me time to practice my bread baking skills though. Considering I think I killed my starter.

Anyways... onto other news I have decided to try something new. Something on the boundaries of my comfort zone. It is called vlogging. Video Blogging. Ashley of Writing to Reach You started up a little thing called VEDA (video everyday of August ). At first I thought NO WAY. I blog in order to hide behind words and a computer screen. I like being able to type, think, delete, and re-write in my pajamas with big hair and no makeup. But after thinking about it a little bit it started to sound kind of fun. This little event called VEDA has set topics to talk about so I don't have to think about things to say and I am participating in it with about 14 other I don't feel so alone in it. Video blogging does offer less of a filter than blogging though..people actually have to watch my ugly face and listen to my voice. I don't let just anyone do that, which is why I keep my mouth shut in public.

Anyways, I better get runnin!

Have a good Saturday and a great weekend!

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