Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Barefoot Baking

Eric is gone, once again..the weird part this time is that I will be the one "flying home" to him next time. It will be weird to call a place in Germany home. Of course it is not my true home because well obviously I am an American but for 3 years it will be my home. 

I am curious as to how life in Germany will be, and it kills me to just sit here in anticipation. I am excited to go to Germany, but I have to remember that I will be there for 3 years so I really want to try and soak up everything around me here and enjoy the time I have left. Live in the moment right?

Anyways, I have been spending some time researching things about Germany and I have found out that they love bread as much as I do if not more. Not just any bread, but whole grain bread. Thank you Germany for believing that a good hearty bread is of no lesser value than it's fluffy white nutrient-less counterparts. Americans are so afraid of hearty dense bread and avoid it like the in honor of my anticipated trip to Germany I have decided to dedicate my usual bread baking to learning how to make German bread. This is a huge step for me because German bread consists of a lot of rye bread...and breads that are a much longer process that I have never attempted before. I am excited to learn all of these new processes. I am sure I will have many failures but it will be worth any successes. 
In order to insure that I have a higher success rate... I was thinking about getting this book. It is supposed to be like THE BOOK to buy if you are into bread baking...and to be living in bread paradise makes me all warm and tingly inside.

Anyways...onto other news I finally got my hands on, and my feet in some Vibram Five Fingers! Check out these sparklin tub notes...

My Gorilla Feet

Don't be jealous of my white legs...but be jealous of my "Gorilla Shoes" as Eric calls them. They feel like I am wearing socks. I haven't run in them yet but I think I will wear them around to break them in a bit more and then give them a try tomorrow perhaps..when I can run a little earlier while other's are still sleeping in attempt to be seen by the least amount of people possible. The neighbors are going to wonder what the hell I have on my feet or why I am running in socks. 

Wish me luck.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I look forward to savoring your German breads. Yum. I, too, want to enjoy my time with you that's left. I know it will go by too fast. :o( xoxoxox