Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday, Monday...

I am pretty sure I cooked for about 5 hours yesterday making the recipes from the Placer County Real Food Cookbook. It was pretty intense. I felt like I was running a marathon in the kitchen. After spending the majority of the day cooking ( which I don't mind, but others might ) I began to think...this cookbook may not actually be so ideal or convenient for the average family that does not have 5 hours to spend cooking. 

I realize the author of this cookbook created this book out of recipes she served on Monday nights to a dinner party of 8 people. The food is special, and it takes longer ( you can't rush good food ) because it is like having thanksgiving every Monday. However, both she and another chef prepared these recipes so if you prepare these recipes on your own, you have to be two people. 

The Placer County Real Food Cookbook is great, and I love cooking from it, and I learn a lot by doing so, but I think there needs to be a farmers market cookbook that can also be valuable to people who lead busier lives. I am sure there is one out there...but not in Placer County. ( Ideas are brewing )

Anyyways, It is in fact Meatless Monday and despite my long hours in the kitchen yesterday I am still up for some more... I just don't know what to make yet. 

I just got up to pee and totally lost my train of thought and desire to blog. Does that ever happen to you? It is strange how a simple bathroom break can completely distract you from whatever you were doing beforehand. Then again I don't know why I am talking about a cookbook idea either, and you probably don't care if it is Meatless Monday so perhaps it is your lucky day. 

One thing I am not looking forward to today = Going to Beale Airforce Base to get my Military Passport. There are so many things you need to take with you, or do that I am afraid I am missing something. It is like they think "hmmm, lets make these instructions as vague and confusing as possible and then only allow people to get military passports between the hours of 9am-11am." TWO HOURS?! Thats it? The office is open from 9-5 but military passports..only 9 to 11. Awesome...and yes, I learned that the hard way last Friday.

Hmm I think I am ranting now. Monday's are good Ranting rant away!

What would you like to rant about?


  1. I would like to rant about that excellent meal you spent hours making. It was worth waiting so long,and there were many new taste sensations. Thank you. The only downside was the cleanup which we gladly did after your hard work. After a meal like that one, I just want to plop down and veg out, that is exactly the right term after a terrific vegeterian meal.

  2. I would have loved to rant, but can't, because of some of those who read my blog... But I'll be glad to keep those thoughts in me, or maybe i'll start an anger diary, or perhaps maybe I'll just start seeing a shrink...
    I love you sister.

  3. I'm so sorry Amber. Where was my head at? Duh...should have totally helped you cook. You just spoil me too much when it comes to cooking and it tastes so good & healthy. So next time....I'm in there with you and it should be a lot better as far as time. Love you! Madre