Sunday, July 11, 2010

Runners Secrets

Everyday I slip my feet into a pair of flip flops I doubt my privilege to wear them. I know...flip flop wearing is not really a privilege and more of a right, but when you are a runner you have to be careful not to let someone with a queasy stomach projectile vomit at the sight of your toes. 

There is a reason that many runners choose shoes over flip flops in public. There is a little secret that non-runners are kept in the dark about. 

So non-runners, it is time you know the truth. Runners have nasty feet. Some of you non-runners may already know this little secret if you live with a runner, or if you have a friend that is not so shy about their nasty runner's feet... ( like me for example ). 

When I slip on my flip flops I wonder if there is some sort of common courtesy to spare the general public from such a sight....well I think it is time the public finally see that I am not the only ugly toed runner...this link is not for the squeamish.

Thinking of running?

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  1. I love you Amber. I love when you right about running:)
    And I noticed that my cute little feet became gross once I started running. OH well!