Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Best When Shared

On this trip I have found that some things are best when shared.

Some things best when shared are:


Visiting Thomas Jefferson’s house.

colin disc golf

Disc Golf (except for sucking more than Brittney Spears sucks at lip syncing)

colin and maria chipotle

Chipotle- Tastes best when kept a treat, and even better when you get to share it with your brother.

couch sitting

Geeking out ( I feel so left out without a Mac )




Fireflies ( which are also impossible to take a picture of ) My brother taught me the wonders of their butt glowing abilities don’t’ stop even when squished.

Chips and Salsa-Eating chips and salsa is kind of like eating ice cream. You either eat it alone because you are depressed, or with other people because you are happy. Both potentially put you at risk of eating way more than you should.

Being a passenger in my brother’s car-It is calming to know you won’t die alone. ( just kidding brother I trust you, most of the time.)

Coffee- It’s a just tastes better when you drink it with other people. Or maybe I just feel smart and sophisticated.

Movies- There is not many things I would rather do that watch a Disney/Pixar movie with my brother. I love that he allows himself to revert back to his childhood self and laugh at the little things. He gives animated movies the laughs they deserve. Toy Story 3 is awesome by the way, so if you haven’t seen it…then do that NOW.

So if your sitting on the couch drinking coffee, eating a bag of chips and a tub of salsa, while watching a Disney movie…by all means continue…just find someone to do it with. It’s more fun, I promise.


  1. I love it, and I am thankful I've been able to spend time with you, though sharing is fun, I wish we got to do it more. I've loved spending this time with you. Sorry I have to work so much, that isn't fun to share.

    Also, I would be very content drinking coffee, with a bag of chips, a bucket of salsa, while watching a disney movie. I'd love it. luv it...

    at least I only have to be AT work for two hours today, hopefully I can get everything done so we can go to DC friday

  2. Sounds like a fantastic trip. We are off to see Toy Story today since I had a huge migraine yesterday. That was NOT something I wanted for my birthday!